Keynote Speaker

Sinead Bovell
Full Name
Sinead Bovell
Speaker Bio
Sinead Bovell is a futurist and the founder of tech education company, WAYE.

Every day over 20,000 Millennials and Gen Z’s tune into Sinead’s platforms to hear her take on technology and the future. In particular, her future forecasts on the ethical challenges of emerging technologies. Including her outspoken voice—and recent TEDx Talk - on the ethics of avatars.

Sinead is a regular tech commentator for CNN, NBC, CNBC, talk shows and morning shows; she's been dubbed the A.I. educator for the “non-nerds” by Vogue Magazine; was named one of Refinery29's Top Ten Black Women Changing the Game, and to date she has educated over 200,000 young entrepreneurs on the future of technology.

Sinead is a strategic foresight advisor to c-suite executives and senior leadership across governments, global business giants and startups alike. She is an 11x United Nations speaker; she has given formal addresses to presidents, royalty and Fortune 500 leaders on topics ranging from cybersecurity to artificial intelligence, and currently serves as a strategic advisor to the United Nations International Telecommunication Union on
digital inclusion.

Sinead Bovell's forward-thinking initiatives to educate the next generation on leveraging technology's capabilities position her as a leader in digital empowerment. Recognizing the pace at which advanced technologies would soon outpace the workforce, Bovell made it her mission to bridge the information gap between young entrepreneurs and the digital future. She is driven by her mission to build a progressive, informed, and thriving society. One in which technology is built, as she says, “on the right side of history.”

Bovell established WAYE, a tech education company where she enlightens young entrepreneurs on the intersection of business, technology, and the future. Her event series, WAYE Talks, went viral, attracting attention and interest from youth from around the globe. From Blockchain to Artificial Intelligence to the future of social media, young people have turned to WAYE Talks for the tools and the answers to the future.


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